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zSuperRecorder Call Recorder

3 usd

※ V5.0.6 update from the previous to the latest version you will need to uninstall and reinstall once.Real-time MP3 call recording application-cum-high-function voice recorder ※WAV / OGG / MP3 stereo recording is ready If you put a check. MP4 / 3GP / AAC stereo recording is possible by to AAC audio codec. AMR was unable stereo recording even if you AMR_WB audio codec. It depends on the hardware performance of the terminal and whether it can be stereo recording. (In the case of GALAXY note3, Mike the upper and lower supports left and right.) SC-01C confirmed
※ If you want to use as a simple answering machine I think that's the model limited to, the idea to the automatic recording in the state that activates the message notes GALAXY Note3, after flowing guidance, recording itself can be stored in zSuperRecorder. (Coexistence Allowed only message memo application of Samsung)
※ We are limited places to external SD if you use in Android4.4 or later. I think that it can be stored in external SD and if " / Android / data / ". (It is not possible to store the external SD path other than this)
※ Please note that there are cases where manufacturer's specifications may change hands-free call recording and can not be in the OS updates, etc. to Android4.4. (GALAXY Note3 / J)
※ recording files because it can also be encrypted automatically by using the zCloakServer, it is the most secure call recording app.
Supported formats: AMR / 3GP / MP4 / PCM (WAV) / MP3 / OGG ※ If you want to encrypt operation, storage format is recommended AMR.
It can also be used as a voice recorder automatic recording simply because it is possible to stop I can also be used as a high-performance IC recorder that implements until timer recording function.
※ Each configuration file download site
※ options app Cloud management "zCloakServer" also has published. It is possible to automatically upload files Dropbox, Evernote to When combined with zCloakServer.
※ Because are arranged recording switch in the status bar, even in the app running in the other, you can start recording directly.
※※※ has published a version that can be tested prior to purchase "zSuperRecorder 3days" ※※※ WEB manual: http: // PDF manual: http:? // Cid = 9 & lid = 23
Should be handled at your own risk call recording data. any damage occurs by using the zSuperRecorder It does not take any responsibility us (Disclaimer) I am using the "LAME V3.99.5" The real-time MP3 encoding. OGG takes advantage of the library of vorbis. (V1.3.3)
The developer of this app has been certified to the official developers of andro riders as a developer of a safe and secure app.